Nico de Vries



Conny de Vries – van Leur

Conny is the best. She teaches music to little children and she can play almost any instrument you can imagine. She also has her own sites: and

Conny in action (Dutch lyrics):


Jasmijn de Vries

Jasmijn has her own website at

Jasmijn on the bicycle:
Jasmijn on the bicycle

Jasmijn boxing:
Jasmijn boxing


Mike de Vries

Mike laughing:
Mike laughing

Mike sleeping (at last):
Mike sleeping (at last)


Niels de Vries

Niels was born May 26th 2004:
Niels was born May 26th 2004

Our parents

Hann and Ellen de Vries

They love (or in case of my father, loved, unfortunately he died) riding the motorcycle:
They love riding the motorcycle

Martha van Leur – Aarsman

Martha, Conny and Jasmijn having a 3 generations dinner:
Martha Conny Jasmijn