Nico de Vries


Eternal childhood

When my grandmother became 79 she decided to jump out of a plane with a parachute, just for fun. Once, when I told her I did some Bungee Jumping, it took a lot persuasion to keep her from trying that as well. I hope to be like that at that age.

Currently I spend most of my free time (which usually means nights) on gaming and development projects.

Building a Lego excavator with your children is great fun:


I love skiing:


I do Krav Maga:

Orange 2CV

Deux Chevaux

One of Conny’s old 2CV’s. They work flawlessly, mostly.

Orange 2CV


Home cinema

We love watching tv series (like America’s Got Talent, Dr Who, South Park and The Big Bang Theory) in our home cinema.

Home cinema